Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Difference between thought and belief

It is important to not be confused between what a thought is and what a belief is. Sometimes the Shaytan (the Devil) brings thoughts to our mind which are kufr. In this case, we need to reject the thought in our heart and fight to get rid of it. As long as we fight it and do not believe it, we are Muslims. However, if someone believes the kufr he left Islam. The Shaytan tries often to bring such thoughts to Muslims that is why it is important to know the difference between a thought and a belief.

More examples of kufr

If someone asks you how to become Muslim, telling him to wait even for a moment, it is kufr. You tell him or her to say, “I firmly believe that no one and nothing deserves to be worshipped except Allah, and Muhammad is His Prophet and Messenger,” with intent to become Muslim and leave anything that contradicts that belief. It is important to know my dear brothers and sisters, that to allow anyone, who is asking how to become a Muslim, to remain non-Muslim, even for a moment is kufr. To tell someone to wait, or to do anything else before telling him or her how to become Muslim is kufr. Because by allowing him or her to wait even for a moment, you are agreeing for him or her to stay non-Muslim for a moment, and that is kufr.

Another important information to know, it is when referring to a kufr statement mentioned by someone else, never repeat the kufr statement without mentioning who said it, either before or after the kufr statement. If the Muslim repeats the kufr without relating it to those who said it, it is kufr, whether he or she believes the kufr or not.

For example, if someone says that Allah resides in the sky, which is kufr; Allah exists without a place and He does not resemble us. The speaker referring to this kufr statement has to use a phrase like “he says,” either before or after the rest of the statement, not doing so will causes the speaker to leave Islam, even if he does not believe the statement.

To help someone commit kufr is kufr.

To be happy with someone’s kufr is kufr.


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